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“Article 13 of the Education Reform (N.I.) Order 1989 (1989 Order) (S.I. 1989/2406 (N.I.)) places a duty on the Department to set in place by statutory order a core syllabus for Religious Education. Accordingly the Department made the above order”.

(Curriculum (Core syllabus for Religious Education) order N.I. 1993)

The above reference states the statutory obligation on placing RE in the core syllabus of the school. However within St Pius X College religious education is an integral and indispensable aspect of the total education of young people and therefore deserves a high profile in the life and work of the school.

The main focus of the Catholic school is to bring each young person closer to God, through the promotion of an increasing awareness of God and of man's relationship with him, in partnership with their home and parish. With this aim in mind Religious Education is a vital and central area in the curriculum and ethos of the school.

In St Pius X College the " religious education of the pupils is accomplished in two equally important and complimentary ways:

1. Through the totality of experiences in the school

2. Through the religious education programme."

            (adapted from The Management of RE in theCatholicSchool.) CCMS

Each RE class takes place within the context of a Christian community. In the class each pupil gets his/her chance to acquire a knowledge and understanding of faith that will enable them to enhance the gift that God has given and to view life from a Christian standpoint.

General Aims for Religious Education

  • To arouse pupils faith and then throughout their school life to deepen and strengthen that faith by leading them to a mature faith.
  • To facilitate and support their ongoing faith and spiritual development.
  • To provide opportunities to come to a deeper knowledge and understanding of their faith and then apply that knowledge and understanding to their life experience.
  • To develop skills of listening, discussion, analysis, evaluation, articulation and communication in the area of RE.
  • Promote understanding of other faiths and respect for the beliefs of others.
  • To promote pupil independent learning.
  • To encourage active participation, teamwork and mutual understanding.
  • To encourage participation in all religious liturgies in school life.
  • To develop skills in ICT.
  • Through RE promote the key elements as identified in the Revised Curriculum.
  • To provide experiences and opportunities in RE for all pupils to develop their individual potential in the skills and capabilities identified within the N.I Curriculum.
  • To promote connected learning between RE and other subjects.
  • To promote the use of the school Oratory to encourage prayer in the lives of the pupils.

These aims compliment the overall general aims of St Pius X College. 


Year Group

Course Title

Course Description


Teachers Involved

Year 8 -10

Fully Alive Programme

Pupils follow the Fully Alive program in line with the Catholic Ethos and the Northern Ireland Curriculum. Our aim is that pupils will develop morally and spiritually through an understanding and respect of God and His Church, for each other and for the environment. Pupils will gain understanding of world religions and an understanding religious education through other subjects.

A selection of topics include:

Year 8 Fully Alive 1:-

  • St. Pius X
  • The Mass
  • The Bible
  • Saints and celebrations

Year 9 Fully Alive 2:-

  • Creation & Environment
  • Conflict and Christianity
  • Luke’s Gospel
  • Morality

Year 10 Fully Alive 3:-

  • Mary
  • Sexuality
  • Death and Eternal Life

Internal Assessment

Mrs O'Neill

Mr Devlin

Mrs Campbell

Mrs Rafferty

Miss McKee

Mrs Deehan

Year 11 & 12


Full Course and Entry Level

Full Course:

Year 11 pupils study St. Mark’s Gospel in detail.

Year 12 pupils study Roman Catholicism: Ethics. There is no coursework for this course.

Pupils sit two external written exams at the end of Year 12;  Unit 1: Christian Life & St. Mark's Gospel (50%) Unit 2: Roman Catholicism: Ethics (50%)

Entry Level:

Pupils study two core units:
St Mark's Gospel Roman Catholicism: Ethics
Unit 1: St Mark's Gospel - Year 11 One external examination - 25% One internal examination - 25%
Unit 2: Roman Catholicism: Ethics One external examination - 25% One internally set task - 25%

Two external exams

All work submitted in a portfolio at the end of Year 12

Miss Hughes

Mr Devlin

Mrs Campbell

Mrs Rafferty

Year 13  & 14

CCEA Religious Studies:

Acts of Apostles & 


At AS & A2 Level pupils study two modules: Acts of Apostles  and The Celtic Church.

There are two exams at the end of each year worth 50% each.

No coursework is required.

AS Level – two external exams

A2 Level – two external exams

Mrs O'Neill

Mr Devlin


Potential jobs available from studying this subject:

Teaching, Journalism, Vocations / Ministry, Researcher, Religious Advisor, Charity worker, Museum Curator, Genealogist.




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