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Science education ought to foster interest in and enthusiasm for science through stimulating and cultivating student’s natural curiosity to explore and investigate so that they develop confidence in scientific ways of finding out. It should promote an understanding of how science works, how the world works and a sense of wonder.

Through the study of science, students will experience the identified Key Elements, Skills and Capabilities as identified in theNorthern Ireland  Curriculum across Key Stage 3 along with the incorporation of science as part of STEM and the related science career pathways.  To enforce the latter students will experience ample opportunities as part of the science curriculum through workshop activities involving both in-house and external agencies.  Each science lab will display a STEM notice board, which will be regularly updated with information received from the Careers Co-ordinator. Students should have a broad science education in which they are afforded opportunities to develop knowledge and transfer skills that they will experience which is both suitable for the general education of all and a platform for those who would wish to specialise in more advanced studies.  This in turn will develop students in the three curriculum objectives as individuals, contributors to society and respect for the environment.

General Aims for Science

  • To practice through well designed studies of experiences, experimental and practical science a worthwhile educational experience for all students and hence to become confident citizens in a technological world.
  • To enable students to take or develop an informed interest in scientific matters.
  • To help students recognise the usefulness and limitations of scientific methods and its application to everyday life.
  • To prepare students for academic and vocational science courses.
  • To develop scientific abilities and skills.
  • To stimulate curiosity, interest and enjoyment in science and its method of enquiry.
  • To stimulate an interest in, and care for, the environment.
  • To promote awareness in science that is subject to social, economic, technological, ethical and cultural influences and limitations and that science applications can be both beneficial and detrimental.
  • To encourage safe working practice.
  • To promote pupil independent learning
  • To encourage active participation, teamwork and mutual understanding.
  • To incorporate the various applications of ICT in science experimental work.
  • To develop student abilities in ICT, Using Number and Communication as identified within theNorthern Ireland  Curriculum.
  • Through science promote the Key Elements as identified in theNorthern IrelandCurriculum.
  • To provide experiences and opportunities in science for all students to develop their individual potential in the skills and capabilities identified within the Northern Ireland Curriculum.
  • To promote student connected learning between science and the other curricular subjects/Areas of Learning.
  • Continuously raise student awareness of science through STEM.
  • To raise student awareness to science related careers.


To promote an agreed, consistent and co-ordinated approach to the teaching of science throughout the school which reflects the fundamental principles and values identified by the science department.




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