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Technology and Design offers pupils throughout the school opportunities to combine their intellectual talents with their manipulative skills to produce a range of artefacts.  Each pupil will be offered the opportunity to achieve his/her highest level of potential in design and make situations.


The department has five teachers qualified to deliver the Technology and Design programme of study. Mr R. Mc Cusker has the responsibility for the development and delivery of the Technology and Design curriculum.

Mr R. Mc Cusker             (H.O.D.)

Mrs B Grey

Mr A Kearney

Mr J Mulholland              ( Vice Principal)

Mr J Heaney                  

The department has one technician to support the work of the teachers.

Mr U. Moore


The Technology and Design department is constructed as follows:

2 Systems rooms

3 Manufacturing rooms

2 Planning rooms


General Aims

  • To allow pupils opportunities to develop their individual talents and confidence.
  • To encourage the acquisition of a body of knowledge applicable to solving technological problems operating through the process of design analysis, realisation, testing and evaluation.
  • To encourage a range of communication skills which are central to designing, making and evaluation.
    • To develop a range of making skills.
    • To encourage active learning based on the use of hand tools, machines, materials and systems.
    • To promote the development of curiosity, enquiry, initiative, resourcefulness and discrimination.
    • To encourage technological awareness, foster attitudes of co-operation and social responsibility.
    • To develop abilities to enhance the quality of the manmade environment.
    • To stimulate the exercising of value judgements of an aesthetic, technical and economic nature.
    • To provide experiences and opportunities in T&D for all students to develop their individual potential in the skills and capabilities identified within the Northern Ireland Curriculum.
    • To promote student connected learning between science and    the other curricular subjects/Areas of Learning.
    • Continuously raise student awareness of T&D through STEM
    To raise student awareness to T&D related careers.



Students can select from the following courses

CCEA Technology and Design.

CCEA Construction.

CCEA Entry Level Certificate in Graphical and Material Studies.

As / A Level

Under construction


Useful websites:


Homework plays an important part in Technology and Design learning. It reinforces the work already done in class and offers the teachers another way of measuring student’s development. Homework also allows students the opportunity for self-assessment.

Often, homework makes the teacher aware of problems which may exist and provides the starting point for revision. Also homework provides an indication of the students understanding of a subject.

Within the department students follow a detailed programme of study. Within this programme there is a clearly defined homework policy, with homework an integral part of all projects.

The following is a guideline depending on the progression within a particular topic.

Year 8    -    1 Homework every week

Year 9    -    1 Homework every week

Year 10  -    1 Homework every week


Within each project there are a number of assessed homework’s, which will be part of end of term assessments.

Year 11  -     At least 45 mins - one hour on homework and revision.

Year 12  -    At least one hour on homework and revision.


Exemplar work from students work:




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