Pastoral Structure


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                Mrs E Toner                                   Mr J Mulholland


                   The deputy designated teachers for child protection are the Key Stage Coordinators:


                              Key Stage 3 = Mrs I McCann                    Key Stage 4 = Mrs C Bell                   




The form teacher is the KEY person for pupils in this College. His/her opportunity for influencing pupils in all areas of College life is greater than that of any other teacher. The spirit and commitment of each class can be determined by the impact of the form teacher in the leadership and example he/she sets. 

The form teacher is the person through whom everything goes.  He/she should have a detailed knowledge of the needs, emotional development, progress and academic attainment of each pupil in his/her form class.  The major responsibilities of the form teacher are:

  1.           Be responsible for each pupil in the class.

  2.           Take an interest in their moral, pastoral, behavioural, academic and cultural development.

  3.           Get to know each pupil as an individual.

  4.           Establish strong links with each pupil’s parents or guardians.

  5.           Monitor the academic progress of each pupil; becoming aware of difficulties and problems encountered in different subjects and discussing them with the relevant teacher and parents.

  6.           Undertaking, interviewing/counselling of pupils in form class.

  7.           Ensuring that the highest standards of attendance, punctuality, behaviour and uniform are maintained using individual behaviour plans or individual educational plans if appropriate.

  8.           Writing College reports and keeping records using class system.

  9.           Conducting the morning registration and prayers.

  10.           Liaising with the Head of Year on all matters in connection with their form class.

  11.           Attending regular Head of Year group meetings.





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